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Artificial Snow Surfaces

mSnow Artificial Snow Tiles
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mSnow Artificial Snow Tiles

Designed by two former competitive freestyle skiers turned engineers. mSnow is a revolutionary product that will change the way you use artificial snow surfaces.

White Commercial Grade mSnow is an injection-molded polymer-based durable ski surface that is used for loading area ramps, commercial tubing applications, summer skiing & freestyle applications, training camps, snowmobile maintenance trails, water ski ramps, and whatever else you can think of! mSnow has extensive friction and wear testing with skiing and snowboarding, summer and winter tubes, and has been found to be extremely durable, non-damaging to tubes, and has the same coefficient friction ratio as snow. mSnow will not fade or become brittle for a minimum of 5 years because it is made from premium certified recycled plastic and is stabilized for sun exposure and durability. mSnow has been very high heat and cold impact resistance tested from 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (-31 to 32 degrees Celsius) and every batch is impact crack tested to zero degrees Fahrenheit. Manufactured in North America with 2 shipping locations to choose from.

Tile size: 10.5 x 7 2 tiles are approx. 1 square foot of mSnow (21 tiles per square metre)

Inter-Mtn. is an Authorized North American Representative of mSnow



Ski Mat Rolls
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Ski Mat Rolls

Safe easy glide surface.
For use in high traffic areas like loading/unloading areas, ramps, etc., ski mat needs minimal snow, is low maintenance and is ski and board base friendly. 
Comes in 10m x 1m in standard grey or thinner forest green rolls.

Heavy Ski Carpet Rolls
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Heavy Ski Carpet Rolls

White ribbed polypropylene material with rubber backing ensures durability & less slippage

For use in high traffic areas and best for flat areas with no concave convex shapes. Requires minimal snow and is ski & snowboard base friendly. Also available slit for carpet walkways.

Roll Size is 3 x 50


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