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Drill Bits

Orange Fox Plastic Drill Bits
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Orange Fox Plastic Drill Bits

Lightest drill bit on the market 

Lighter bits have longer life spans, puts less stress on the operator, and drills more holes per battery. Hardened stainless steel internal shaft and an injection molded super heavy plastic fluting.  Straight high-speed rotation for precise, smooth holes in snow and ice. Two pentagonal-shaped carbide tips that can be rotated and replaced to keep your drill bit as good as new for years to come. 

Diameter / Length / Weight

32mm / 460mm / 277g

35mm / 460mm / 317g

41mm / 460mm / 396g

44mm / 390mm / 353g

47mm / 390mm / 381g


Steel Drill Bits
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Steel Drill Bits

High quality drill bits for race gates, bamboo or whatever else you need to stay up
Heavy duty construction for long life span.  Regular and double carbide tips available. Regular tips are good for thicker snow bases. Double carbide is recommended for thinner snow base where there is a greater likelihood of drilling into frozen ground/rock as it will not dull.
Sizes: 28 dia x 500 mm, 30 dia x 500 mm, 32 dia x 500 mm, 35 dia x 500 mm, 40 dia x 500 mm


Aluminum Ribbon Drill Bits
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Aluminum Ribbon Drill Bits

Our New Aluminum Ribbon Drill Bit

Extremely light weight and durable with 1 carbide tip. Has a long lasting anodized green finish

Available in 30, 32 and 35mm diameters




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